You dance by yourself too

by the dreamer

She threw herself at me and left a potent smell of perfume I became I attracted to. I noticed her smooth blonde hair, her white frosty skin, moving away from me. With her back moving towards me moments later, I did not shy away once inch from where I had stood. She was somewhat shorter than me, and plum. I let her nice bosoms sink into me which only lasted a few seconds. So she wants to dance I thought. She retreated herself again. Then I saw that her girlfriend snatched her with opening arms and clung to her like a child who bears a stuffed animal.Her girlfriend had been just as pretty as she was and my intuition told me that she had gotten a little jealous. I felt chemistry but so much angst at the same time, wondering a plethora of end results that lead to nowhere, thinking too much about it would have left me sober, so I continued to dance the night away.