Handsome Devil

by the dreamer

There were no more seats left for me to sit down at church. So I hung out in the back part, where they had the bathrooms and the endless sound of annoying rug rats screaming and running, and their parents persistently trying to shush them. They were never successful at that.

I had seen this girl, she stood along the corridor leaning against the wall, as though she had been in heat. She was provoking every man that walked past by her. Those dark brown eyes tantalizing sinners. She had a tight shirt that exposed her round youthful body. Her face was ghetto, like a local hood-rat, yes she was cute. Suddenly I realized how ironic that scene was. I didn’t know how to fathom it all, a young gazelle promoting promiscuity, I was not engaged in the word, I wasn’t listening, my eyes kept yearning for her. Such a sinner I was, human too. I knew moments later a “vato” would go and hit on her, and so it happened. He was bald and chubby, he wore a checkered long sleeve shirt (like most do).

Something that Ive always wanted to do is give a letter to a girl I feel attracted to, I want to go up to a nice pretty girl and tell her “I think you’ve dropped this” and reach into her where she has no choice but to take the folded paper. She will see some writings and become curious, she will read the paper the stranger has given her and she will never see him again, only to admire the paper that has been given to her as a gift. A thank you to say im glad you were pretty enough for me to write about. Yes that’s just what i’ll do. That way I can have my revenge.