You have nightmares too

by the dreamer

I woke up like Leanardo’s Inception scene, it had been a terrible nightmare indeed. Conscious in my dream but sleepwalking in my waking life. You too throw yourself that lukewarm water in your face, just like clockwork from day to day, to get on the daily grind, until you see yourself in the mirror and then you hear a crack. It wasnt the mirror thats broken its your mentality about to unbalance itself into beautiful chaos you have never expressed before, the water seems to be climbing out of the cup and you cant take it anymore. You realize you are a small nut supporting a large machine that needs feeding and it takes a toll on you, and it molds you until you become so old like rust. You are no longer needed, your just left to rot or simply thrown away like a dirty rug. For some reason you decide to scream like a dying animal, and this is healthy for you, its called catharsis. I have done it once before on my way to work, how I felt it would never end, the vicious cycle of work and more work. I rolled down the window to feel the cool autumn breeze caress me, mother earth was there for me. The tears came and I felt better. I decreed to the world that it was plastic and I just a product. I went up to the teller, desperate for human interaction, but everything was systematic, no smile, no small conversation. When my day was over I seldom remember what I dreamed about that night but when I woke up again I reached into my pocket and tried to feel my little Jesus cross, it truly was a nightmare, my dreams fool me into thinking that my day is setup for work, so I tell myself this everyday until I die. Never think that you are alive, that would a good remedy.