A spicy kiss

by the dreamer

I had been over my X and she followed me around thinking she can catch my attention. I had done the same to her one time, and she ignored me, so I wasn’t going to waste my time anymore. I just got done playing our set when she comes up to me and tells me “Im leaving” I go “Koo, peace” and walk away from her. So she begins some moderate drama but I was no abandoned puppy for her. I could have easily just taken her by the hand, took her somewhere isolated, toss her against the wall and make out with her passionately, but I was enjoying myself and I seldom payed attention to her that night.

Sometime during the week at school she found out I made out with a girl who had been sitting with us along a bench, but I didnt make out with her until she left. May I describe her to you? She was short and plum (what a sucker I am) and she had yellow peroxide hair (a normal fashion trend in the punk scene back then) and she wore a short black skirt and her shirt must have been torn apart, everything DIY. I let her sit on my lap and I would cross my fingers against her nice thick legs. She was very cute in her own way, she had colored eyes too. When she kissed me, it left my mouth feeling spicy for some reason. I had no clue why that happened but I didnt let that stop me from continuing from kissing her. I didnt feel bad about what happened I was just moving on, still at times I like the feeling to think I can do as I wish with any girl who would let me grab her hand and take her under my dictatorship. Dont you?