A tangle of seaweeds.

by the dreamer

I wonder why she didn’t have sex me. We were both naked in bed, I remember seeing her just laying there, I would caress her from head to tough, suck, grab- the works; trying to marinate the damn thing. We had barely met each other and we had this spark of interest we shared like wild fire. I remember when we went to the bathroom to keep messing around, she was looking at herself through the looking glass and she could see me grabbing her hair full of seaweed, she had dreadlocks that were pretty. Then we went to the shower, nothing happened just more messing around.

The thing is when we first met, I had gotten a one night stand from her, well technically I didnt get laid though. We trespassed into a house that was barely being built and we could feel the wood shavings on our feet and saw the exposed walls where they still needed plastering. We climbed the stairs and we used my leather jacket as a blanket to lay down, but most of the time we were standing up, I did a lot of humping (thats all I did actually).

I didnt talk to her for two weeks after that because I was scared. I was scared of something that happened that night and I dont want to be too specific but it left me having to pay a doctors visit and I seriously dodged a bullet from playing Russian roulette that night. We had gotten in contact later she thought I had thought of her as just another number, here goes another one not settling for less. Anyway I told her what happened and she was filled with remorse, I really liked her, we had a lot of things in common, I later realized she had been a slut but I didnt judge her character for that when I met her and when we didnt mind being together, I trusted her.

This was a part of my life that was bleak and still feeling frustrated over a lot of things. She taught me a lot though, she taught me to be a free spirit and not to be afraid to be yourself, I really liked her. I never told her though that when she was naked in bed, I had left the condoms right under her bed. For one reason or another I cant tell you why I didnt mention that to her, I had always been very “off” with these sort of things, I guess. I took her a she came, like a wave along the coast with her seaweed hair, I know better now to be fully prepared.