The girl at the bus stop

by the dreamer

“I wanna go on a hunt” I told myself. It was a nice autumn day in the southwest. Soft cold winds would caress your skin against the burning sun. The wide open agriculture fields feel a serene reverie. I can see myself pedaling down the bus stop. There was a crowd waiting. Do you know where this is going? Im sure you do fellow reader.

She stood there listening to her headphones, she didn’t see me check her out, so I had time. I kept getting closer and closer to her on my bike. When she had finally noticed me, I could remember seeing her really cute smile she gave me. And the way she made her eyes, they had peered at me in a way where she was asking for more, she was inviting me to talk to her. When I had turned around to go back to talk to her, I can remember seeing all the people knowing exactly what im about to go do. I played with suavity. We didnt stop talking until her foot was inside the bus. She was a cute latina. I can say many things. Lets say this, if I had her in my room, I would want to have her standing half naked in front me with her back turned towards me. The sun would beam down on her from the hazy window screen, giving her shadows in the right places. She would have those two cute dimples just right above her bosoms. The suns ray would have you gazing in awe. I would have liked to caress her all day, in her ripeness. The next time I see her at the bus stop I’ll be sure to give her a ride.