Blossom like a flower

by the dreamer

“Do you want to see it?”She was talking about her tattoo she just got finished some days earlier. She closed the office door and turned around. She began to lift up her shirt. It was a flower with a vine, it was adorned with color. It went from her lower back up to her shoulders. I would be a little more descriptive about the tattoo but I was seldom paying attention to the permanent ink she had showed me. No friends I was envying her smooth back she was showing me, slowly caressing her with the tip of my fingers, gradually outlining her tattoo just outside of the markings, not touching any exposed areas. My fingers were traveling slowly, asking questions I wasn’t thinking about at all, I had just wanted to kill time. My fingers touched her bra accidentally so I had stopped there. I think she knew I liked her anyway because as I was leaving, my words would fumble and I kept peering down at the grass like if I lost something. Sometimes I wouldn’t even finish my sentences. I saw her smile, it kept growing as I kept walking to my car I think I made it obvious but she was nice about it at least. She still talks to me and lets me know that she has my number saved, and that I would call her, someday. But that “someday” seems so very bleak.