The Chicano Diaries

Journal writing

Month: February, 2013

She Seemed Unconquered

She was like a summer dream. The day was a hazy shine. She had nice legs, elegant curvy lips and shining glowing hair.

A gaze to her eyes and you would see pixels of clear skies.

And her hands. I grabbed her hands, she had wrists tattoos, she was a beauty of a canvas.

I caressed her hands like caressing the sheet of a pedal flower

and when she is gone. . . .it rains again.


Latex Everything

Sometimes I try not to give myself away too much. This time it was just so hard. The way the flourescent light from the ceiling illuminated her massive curves and I say massive curves because she had garments that were mostly strechy latex material, so you can imagine just how ripe and supple she was. Its like I had just got done eating jalapenos, I just kept trying to breath and keep myself still from all the gazing that I couldnt help. It was as though she just wore one layer of paint over her body. How that dark black tone silk shined and outlined her figure, and let me tell you she rocked that smile that she seemed so confident wearing a skimpy outfit. And her brown complexion, acne that had been marred just slightly noticeable on her cheeks, it was totally acceptable for a luster like myself.

I liked the way she hoped to and fro, I could see her breasts move so elegantly and when she turned around to write something on the board I just peered straight into her legs, she was plum so she had legs and an ass that would have me going crazy for had I been anywhere between her and a wall. She seemed like a lot of things but I cant say no more, one thing is certain I will be looking for a study buddy soon.